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April 18, 2004

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Jason Brody


Everybody wants to be happy.

Some of us have looked for fulfillment in external achievement – financial success, intimate relationships, social status. Some have tried therapy or other growth processes. Some have turned to spiritual pursuits in the hope that Enlightenment would end suffering.

And here we are.

We have all had the experience of the joy of living in the Essence of who we truly are. As young children, before we knew anything about meeting standards, having to be somebody, that parts of us were "good" or "bad"– we knew only to be ourselves, as we were.

We grow up in environments that lead us to believe something is wrong with us. Our religions teach us that we are born flawed and the best we can hope for is salvation after death, advertisers tell us there is something wrong with us that can be cured with their products, parents often respond to us as if we were innately in need of correction, education focuses us on memorizing correct responses rather than listening to our own wisdom.

All of this produces a deep trance of something missing in us. As a result, we do not live from the experience of our own authenticity, but instead live from an image of self that has been given to us and is not who we truly are. This illusion has been identified in many traditions – it has been called the emotional pain body by Eckhart Tolle, the Parasite by the Toltecs, Tribal Consciousness by Carolyn Myss, Satan in Christianity, Maya in Buddhism – and presents itself to us as WHO WE ARE, and we have unconsciously identified with it as ourselves.

This is the voice in our head that leads us toward fear, anxiety, shame, pain, and rage. This voice tells us a story of worry, unworthiness, or lack. This story is believed and identified with. We have lived our lives trying to heal it, change it, placate it, get away from it, or make it go away.

An invitation that is being offered is to stop. To stop all attempts to get anywhere, get rid of anything, be somebody, meet some standard or idea of who we should be, to stop and tell the truth – initially the truth about what is really going on with us behind the masks we may wear, and eventually to tell the truth about who we really are. And to live there. This is where we find happiness, regardless of the circumstances of our lives.


Then we have reclaimed the power to live our lives with authenticity.

Then we have come home, again.


Jason BrodyJASON BRODY holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has 35 years international experience facilitating personal transformation.

He has had the blessing of studying with several Awakened Masters from many traditions. His formal training includes the Fischer-Hoffman Process, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Rebirthing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Family Constellation, Dreamwork, Tantra, and the Enneagram.

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Phone: (760) 489-8087

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