Cuba Fly Fishing Report - April 2023 - Jardines de la Reina

Cuba Fly Fishing Report - April 2023 - Jardines de la Reina

Cuba Fly Fishing Report for April 2023:

Stillwater spent two weeks fly fishing for migratory Tarpon and Permit and Bonefish in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba. Suppose you have yet to experience or have an opportunity to fly fish in Cuba. In that case, we highly recommend it as we love to fly fish in Cuba to some of the most receptive Tarpon to take a fly in any clear water environment. Cuba fly fishing trips offer fly anglers the opportunity to return to an undisturbed environment, free of man's pollution and congestion, and experience Tarpon fly fishing to extremely willing targets.

The tarpon migration starts picking up in April and runs into June, just like in the Florida Keys. These fish migrate along the beautiful coral reefs and the clear sandy flats. The water clarity is incredible, as it often feels like fishing in a gigantic aquarium due to the pristine nature of the water and archipelago.
The first week welcomed the group with beautiful weather, sunny skies, and very little wind. Mornings allowed our anglers to cast at large pods of slow rolling Tarpon in highly calm water conditions. Anglers that could cast a bit further in the 60-80ft range had better reception during such conditions.

The weather was TOO nice if we had anything to complain about. Low wind means that fish are more aware of the boat's presence and can sometimes be a little more picky. The fish also preferred to stay along the safety of the reef's edge for many days rather than traverse along the sandy flats.

Even with the calmer conditions, the group had over 100 Tarpon hooked, bonefish, and a few permits. Pretty incredible tarpon fly fishing for anglers relatively new to the flats fly fishing game. Smaller flies for tarpon fishing in Cuba were the ticket this week: black/purple, chartreuse, and brown worked best. The main classes of Tarpon ranged in the 20-40lb range and the 50-80lb range, with a few larger fish hooked.

The second week brought the Tarpon more to the flats and off the reef. The group had some terrific days being staked up and waiting for the Tarpon to move down the sandy shorelines. Many of the more experienced flats anglers enjoyed days with double-digit hookups and double hookups by both anglers on the skiff. The less experienced anglers still enjoyed great fishing, with many getting up to 5 eats a day. Pattern size or color was less of a factor this second week than the willing Tarpon typically ate any fly appropriately presented to them.

The Tarpon wanted the group's fly on the second week as nearly 200 fish were hooked. Skiffs, on average, hooked anywhere from 5 -15 Tarpon a day, with shots at many more. The Tarpon also tended to be larger this week with a 35-50lb avg, with many hooked and landing in the 50-80lb range.

Cuba fly fishing...You got to love it!!!

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