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Trip Overview


When searching for an incredible and versatile flats fishing experience, look no further than Cayo Largo. Located in the South Central Region of the Cuban Archipelago, “Long Key” consists of miles and miles of pristine flats that have remained virtually untouched. Along these vast flats, anglers can experience some of the world’s best opportunities to target multiple species in a single day.

While known for its superb Permit fishing, Anglers seeking variety should consider Cayo Largo as a top destination. The fishing season starts in November and runs through August.

The early season of November thru February offers an exceptional getaway into a warmer climate and a chance to stalk Permit, Bonefish, Snapper, Juvenile Tarpon, and more.

Peak season begins in April with the large migratory Tarpon (70-100+ lbs) from April-Early June, just like they do in Florida. These large Tarpon are targeted in clear water, cruising along the deeper flats and cuts as they do in the Keys of Florida. A traditional day offers anglers many, many opportunities at achieving success with these battling giants. Peak season also provides the best time for those looking to go after a Grand Slam or a Super Grand Slam.


Low season $5,000-7,500

October - March. October to March is considered the off-season and allows the chance to escape the colder Northern climates and still enjoy chasing the juvenile Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, and Snook around its sandy flats.

High Season $7,500-10,800

March – July . From April thru July, the Peak season offers THE ONLY opportunity to tackle the enormous migratory Tarpon (80-100+lbs) and large Permit (15-30+lbs), Bonefish(4-11+lbs) and Snook.  For clients, is the season for anglers interested in catching both the big Tarpon as well as Big Permit as well as those trying for a Super Slam (Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook all in the same day).

Stillwater Travel Hosted 2023 Dates:

March 18 - 25. Full

July 15 - 22.

October 7 - 14.

October 14 - 21. Full

December 2 - 9. Full

Stillwater Travel Hosted 2024 Dates:

May 4 - 11. Full

July 20 - 27.

July 27 - Aug 3.

Oct 26 - Nov 2.

Nov 30 - Dec 7. Full

Dec 7 - 14.


We have all of the logistics covered. That being said, logistics for travel vary per person and seasonally. We are here and happy to help with any questions you may have. Give us a call or drop us a line.



Lodging in Cayo Largo is aboard the JA1.

This spacious 110-foot live-aboard yacht has ten rooms with 2 being convertible queen-sized cabins featuring side by side beds and eight deluxe rooms, each with two single beds. Each room comes equipped with a private bathroom, toilet, hot shower, individual climate controls, and a safe.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to read, a place to sunbathe, a warm jacuzzi to relax, or a bar to tell your fish stories at, the mothership provides more than enough space to accommodate any activities.

The food aboard the JAI consists of a beautiful selection of Cuban cuisine, grilled fresh seafood and vegetables, and many international delights. The chef is well versed in many different styles and will be sure to amaze you during your stay. Also, there is a full bar with a selection of Cuban beers and rum, international wines, and a variety of spirits. Our attentive crew will be there to take care of your every need and make sure you have a wonderful trip.

Life on the live-aboard is relaxed and completely customizable. With the yacht keeping us close to the fishing grounds, the commutes are short, allowing you to fish as long as you would like to each day.

Gear List

These suggestions are for the Angler looking for the basic idea of what to bring on this trip. If you would like our in-depth and concise checklist, you can request it HERE. We have good news—the largest selection of gear on the planet. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you.If this doesn’t fit your budget, we also have rental equipment for your trip.

Rod: 9’ 8wt. – (Bonefish) Speed and accuracy: G Loomis Asquith Fly Rod
Reel: Shilton SR Fly Reel
Line: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Fly Line

Rod: 9’ 10wt. – (Permit/Tarpon) Easiest loading rod in the market: Scott Sector Fly Rod
Reel: Nautilus CCF X2 Silver King
Line: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Tarpon Fly Line

Rod: 9’ 12wt. – (Tarpon) Quick efficient casts are a breeze: Sage Maverick Fly Rod
Reel: Nautilus CCF X2 Silver King
Line: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Tarpon Fly Line


• Sunscreen
• Clippers on retractor
• Headlamp
• Polarized sunglasses (we recommend Smith’s low light ignitor lens)
• Small waterproof pack for wading
• Reusable bottle for water
• Flats wading boots
• Breathable rain gear
• Bug repellant - cream suggested