Alaska - Aniak River

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Trip Overview

The guides know the entire stretch of the Aniak they guide, so each of them knows each of the Beats just as well as the next guide. The team works hard to keep the intel going and making sure that clients get to fish water that has been rested each and every day! Not only are they doing this to make sure you have the best opportunity at these wild fish with the least potential of catching one someone else did yesterday – but they also do it for the fish.

They take great pride in their responsibility to be good stewards of the land and waters they call home each year. The policy is the use of single barbless hooks for the gear you bring, or the ones they give you while you are out with us each day. This is to ensure they do as little damage to the fish you are targeting and ensure the continued health of the robust populations they have, so they will thrive far into the future. As well, when you’re catching literally dozens and dozens of fish with us potentially each day – it makes it easy on the guides to keep the boat in position while they get that fish right back into the water. They do harvest fish as well, but most of the clients prefer to practice catch and release.


2024 - 6 Days & 7 Nights - $7,765 / ANGLER

Season runs from the end of June through Mid September, but may change in the future. Each week of fishing runs from Friday to the following Friday during these months.

2024 Available Dates:
August 16 - 23: 2 Spots Open
August 23 - 30: 8 Spots Open

2025 - 6 Days & 7 Nights - $8,540 / ANGLER

2025 Hosted Trips: TBD

2025 Available Dates:
July 4 - 11: 16 Spots Open
July 11 - 18: 12 Spots Open
July 18 - 25: 8 Spots Open
Aug 22 - 29: 8 Spots Open
Aug 29 - Sept 5: 12 Spots Open
Sept 12 - 19: 12 Spots Open

Group Rates: Available upon request - email us!


Nestled in the Alaskan bush along the Aniak River, the Lodge Camp is approximately 350 miles West of Anchorage and around 25 miles up river from Aniak, Alaska.

The new lodge consists of 8 weather ports and a large dinning hall with a sun porch. Each spacious weather port is equipped with a private bathroom including hot and cold running water, a flushing toilet and propane heat. Each port has a private covered porch for spending some alone time taking in  the sounds and sites of the river right in front of you.


We have all of the logistics covered. That being said, logistics for travel vary per person and seasonally. We are here and happy to help with any questions you may have. Give us a call or drop us a line.


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant - recommend at least 30% Deet
  • Clippers on retractor
  • Headlamp
  • Polarized sunglasses (we recommend Smith’s low light ignitor lens)
  • Small waterproof pack for wading
  • Reusable bottle for water
  • Breathable rain gear