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Cuba Fly Fishing Report – April 2024 Week 1 - Jardines Del Reinas, Cuba
Finally, Tarpon season has arrived in 2024. We have been eagerly anticipating this month for nearly a year, and we are ecstatic that the Tarpon did not disappoint our anticipation. The wind was a bit more than what we would...
Cuba Fly Fishing Report – Oct 2023 Week 2 - Cayo Largo, Cuba
When the weather is hot, one can expect the fishing will heat up. It most certainly did not disappoint.
Cuba Fly Fishing Report – Oct 2023 Week 1 - Cayo Largo, Cuba
With Big Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon on the brain, our group was excited to fly fish Cuba. The trip started off with our stay in Havana on Friday. After arriving at the airport in the am, we headed to our...
Cuba Libre
I was fortunate to get a second chance to fly fish Cuba in Cayo Largo with Stillwater Travel this July. Since I work at Stillwater Fly Shop, I have seen all the photos and heard the stories about how great...
Cuba Fly Fishing Report – July 2023 - Cayo Largo, Cuba
Great weather, great friends, great fishing…. Is there a better situation for any angler than that?? On this Stillwater Travel expedition in Cuba, we were fly fishing in Cayo Largo, Cuba. Cubans consider the Cayo Largo area and beaches some...
Cuba Fly Fishing Report – May 2023
Stillwater Travel enjoyed hosting another trip with our friends from the Bay area. We were again located in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba targeting the heart of the Tarpon Migration. A few of the group had already been on multiple...
Cuba Fly Fishing Report - April 2023 - Jardines de la Reina
Stillwater had 2 full weeks down in JDR last month for the Tarpon Migration.
Cuba Fly Fishing Report - March 2023

Cuba Fly Fishing Report - March 2023: Our shop had a great week down in Cayo Largo to start the year off!