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Trip Overview

Located in a traditional “estancia” on the banks of the Paraná River, our air-conditioned lodge provides the perfect balance between wilderness and comfort. Five well-appointed rooms accommodate up to 10 anglers. Our professional chef, will delight you with a blend of local flavors and international cuisine. The boats are docked just a few steps from your room and a short ride to the fishing action. This provides for a quick easy return to the comforts of the lodge for lunch between fishing sessions.

Our Golden Dorado program offers guests the unique opportunity to fish two completely different destinations in just one week. With three lodges in distinctively varied locations, we have the flexibility to run a highly successful combination program.The program starts in Buenos Aires and includes 3 charter flights to get you quickly and conveniently to your destinations.Each of our lodge areas are fed by different water sources, so while one may be less than optimal, the other two could be at their best.Our priority is to always provide the best fishing experience possible under current conditions, and using charter flights as part of the program provides fast and easy access to these different waters, connecting the diferent lodges.


Our water conditions are stable and predictable throughout the season therefore every month fishes equally well.

The season runs from September through the end of May. However, the outside temperatures and humidity are something to consider when planning your visit.

Southern hemisphere has opposite seasons, so January and February are the peak of summer in Argentina. This is also a tropical region, so day temperatures can reach to +90 F during that time frame, despite all the rooms being equipped with A/C you probably do not want to be casting with the temperature.

We strongly recommend shoulder seasons. September, through mid December, then Late February through May are the best moments to fish for Golden Dorado.


The lodge is perfectly located on a hill overlooking the upper Parana River. Secluded and private the lodge is the perfect choice for individuals or groups of anglers in search of large Dorado.

Maximum guest capacity is limited to 10 anglers per week. In addition to the living quarters the lodge also has a large clubhouse the features a dining room, a fully stocked bar, video center and adjacent outdoor patio that includes a fire pit. This facility provides a fantastic venue to unwind and relive the day’s adventures with your fellow guests.


We have all of the logistics covered. That being said, logistics for travel vary per person and seasonally. We are here and happy to help with any questions you may have. Give us a call or drop us a line


• Sunscreen
• Clippers on retractor
• Headlamp
• Polarized sunglasses (we recommend Smith’s low light ignitor lens)
• Small waterproof pack for wading
• Reusable bottle for water
• Breathable rain gear
• International power adapter