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Estancia Laguna Verde

Jurassic Lake - famous for its incredible trophy rainbow trout fishing in pristine waters, the lodge is strategically located on a protected bay within walking distance of the Barrancoso River's mouth.

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Itati Lodge

This is the perfect destination for those in search of a “golden trophy”. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity for a Parana River Grand Slam as you target Pacu and Pira Pita with dry flies.

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Casa de Campo Lodge

This area hides several medium size streams and spring creeks, an ideal setting for our Trout Hunt program. You will target specific fish with your guide, planning a strategy to approach them.

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Spring Creek Lodge

The main characteristic of the area is the variety. This applies to the variety of water available in less than one hour drive from the lodge for day floats, multi day floats on longer sections, walk and wade on the smaller rivers and streams and the glacier lakes for stillwater fishing.

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La Alondra‘i

SET Fly Fishing has exclusive access to this portion of the marsh so you never have to worry about seeing other anglers. The fishery typically offers Dorado ranging in size from 4 to 15 pounds with the possibility for hooking larger fish.

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Jetu’u lodge at the ysoro wetlands offer plenty of action inside a marsh environment for smaller Golden Dorado, with the possibility of bigger fish only 1 hour boat drive from the lodge.

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