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Trip Overview

The mighty Rio Baker is perhaps Chile’s most iconic and beautiful river. Well-known to fly fishers, kayakers and rafters which have floated its glacially-tinged waters for decades, the Baker received worldwide recognition in 2014 when an enormous civic action campaign saved the river from a massive dam and hydroelectric power project that would have destroyed the river’s raw, wild nature and untarnished ecosystem. Thanks to that campaign, today the Baker still flows free and wild. It beckons anglers from across the world to ply the river’s turquoise waters for trophy brown and rainbow trout which rise greedily to dry flies and voraciously attack streamers, all amongst one of the most scenic valleys in all of Patagonia.


As we are currently discussing the best opportunities for our guests to come down to Patagonia with us, please CONTACT US for more details at the shop so we run through available dates for 2024 and 2025!

Hosted Trip Dates 2024:
October 19th to October 26nth - 10 spots available - CONTACT US FOR RATES/INFO

Open Dates 2024:
October 26- November 2: 12 spots
November 9-16: 12 spots
November 16-23: 12 spots
December 14-21: 8 spots
December 21-28: 12 spots
December 28- Jan 4: 8 spots

Open Dates 2025:
January 4-11: 12 spots
January 25- February 1: 12 spots
February 8-15: 6 spots
February 22-29: 8 spots
March 1-8: 10 spots
March 22-29: 6 spots
April 5-12:, 12 spots
April 19-26: 12 spots


We have all of the logistics covered. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience where you don't have to worry. We spend our time hammering out the details so that you don't waste your time!


The stunning Patagonia Baker Lodge, newly built in 2022, will welcome guests for the first time in October of 2023. Constructed of local hardwoods and river rock, the lodge sits directly on the shores of Rio Baker, offering expansive views—both from the lodge’s common areas and guest rooms—of the river and the Cordón Contreras mountain range which watches over the valley. As the newest in the Magic Waters family of Patagonian fishing lodges, the lodge is able to draw on the knowledge and experience of an expert team while offering anglers an entirely new experience.

Gear List

Down here we are mainly using 5wt, 6wt, and 7wt rods depending on the location in Patagonia you choose. Please CONTACT US for more details at the shop so we can get you outfitted for an amazing trip!


• Sunscreen
• Pliers with cutter
• Polarized sunglasses (we recommend Smith’s low light ignitor lens)
• Small waterproof pack for wading
• Reusable bottle for water
• Wading boots
• Waders
• Breathable rain gear
• Layered clothing