Travel Policy

Traveling the globe to chase fish comes with risk. Are the fish there? Are the conditions perfect? How’s the weather? What’s the deal with COVID in that Country? At Stillwater Travel, our focus is on fishing the right place, at the right time for the target species, in the best location to find them and catering those experiences to our clients’ skill level. That same attention to the fishing details is how to mitigate the risks and logistics of International Travel – Stillwater Travel works hard to minimize exposure and maximize the experience.

There is no “zero-risk” when considering the potential importation or exportation of illness in the context of international travel. Therefore, thorough and continuous risk assessment and management will help identify, reduce, and mitigate those risks while balancing travel measures’ socio-economic consequences (or temporary restrictions) against potential adverse public health consequences.

The decision process should include analyzing the situation, considering the local context in countries of departure and destination. The following factors are paramount: local epidemiology and transmission patterns, the national public health and social measures for controlling the outbreaks in both departure and destination countries; public health and health service capacity at national and subnational levels to manage suspect and confirmed cases among travelers, including at points of entry (ports, airports, ground crossings) to mitigate and manage the risk of importation or exportation of the disease; and the evolving knowledge about COVID-19 transmission and its clinical features.

Stillwater Travel offers destinations to travel worldwide for the flyfishing community. We are acutely aware and vigilant in our efforts to minimize the risk to our clients, our staff, and the citizens we come in to contact with at these locations. The diversity of the landscapes enjoyed as an angler are accentuated by the myriad of cultures we experience as travelers. With respect we honor the local traditions of the places we visit by taking great care in our method of entry and exit from their home waters.

Our Zero-Risk Policy includes adapting to different jurisdictions’ requirements throughout the world to ensure your health and safety. Additionally, this Policy affords our capacity to fulfill obligations to you, our client. When Stillwater Travel speaks about this policy, the financial commitment made to the business due to the current nature of global travel is essential. Zero Risk Policy means our clients have the assurance of monies spent will be allocated forward should any unforeseen restrictions prevent the initial dates of a trip with us or credit in fashion.

Stillwater Travel supplies our clients with the best possible information regarding international travel restrictions, access to preferred travel insurance, and this policy to reduce travel stress and create a fantastic experience for our clients. Stillwater Travel also takes steps to ensure travel logistics with gear and supplies complete with the least risk possible for our clients and staff. If there are any questions, concerns, or clarifications our clients need during booking or traveling with Stillwater Travel; please contact us at your earliest convenience.