Cuba Fly Fishing Report – Oct 2023  Week 2 -  Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cuba Fly Fishing Report – Oct 2023 Week 2 - Cayo Largo, Cuba

The second week of fly fishing in Cuba started out with a bang. The weather cooperated with beautiful sunny skies and so did the fishing. When the weather is hot, one can expect the fishing will heat up. It most certainly did not disappoint. The water temperature warmed up and the fish on the flats got aggressive.

The group had a fantastic day fishing for all the species. Those fishing the East Point did extremely well all day. Fish were moving around throughout the day on the feed. That group talked about never having more than 20 minutes or so without having fish to cast at. Snook, Bones, and Tarpon were all very cooperative. One of the anglers managed to get a Super Grand Slam right at the end of the day by casting to a cooperative Permit. What an awesome way to start the trip.

The next day saw more of the same with some quality fishing. The bonefish were happy and cooperative. We had a few anglers who did not know that bone fishing could be this productive. It’s truly an amazing experience to be able to have a massive flat to yourself and see these fish in large schools marauding across a flat with no worries.

As the week progressed, the fishing fluctuated a bit more with the weather. Strong winds from the North during the Fall and Spring tend to create lower water temperatures that the fish are not to keen on. They prefer stable warmer water temps. If the temps drop too much, it pushes the fish off the flats.

By the end of the week, the weather had changed for the worse. Cloudy weather with occasional downpours is not the ideal recipe for fly fishing Cuba or any other Caribbean flats fishing destination. When the weather gets this way, anglers have to take what they can get. Fish were still found but certainly nothing like the first part of the week. It’s always good to get an opportunity to enjoy some good weather on any trip so one gets the chance to see how good the fishing truly can be when the fish are in their happy moods….

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