We take the time to ensure that you don’t waste your time

We take the time to ensure that you don’t waste your time

When you’re standing on the front of the skiff enjoying your Cuban fly-fishing vacation it seems like you have all the time in the world. One day slips into another, one more fish gets landed and one more cold drink slides down the back of your throat. Time seems to stand still, what day is today? This is the feeling that we are looking for when we travel to fly fishing. The reality of time in normal life is a much different story. If you’re like me there never seems to be enough and I’m always lacking time. That is why booking with Stillwater Travel is your answer. We’ve put in the time in discovering the best places to fish, when to be there and how to get there. Packing lists, gear, travel visas, flights, tides, moon phases, river flows and all the other details we’ve got all that covered.

In a world obsessed with efficiency and time management one of the best things a person can do is have a trusted professional who can help with the process. Dave Ramsey can help you with money. Bob Ross can help your painting skills. Stillwater Travel will help you with the best fly-fishing trip of your life. We have been to all the lodges we send travelers to and only recommend the ones we would want to return to. For many travelers it’s not about the cost in terms of money. It’s about the cost in terms of time, you can’t afford to waste it.   

The lead up to the trip is part of the fun of a great experience. But it can be difficult to get correct up to date information about remote locations and logistics are stressful to figure out. Our travel team knows what flights to book, where to stay and how to get you fishing in the most efficient way. By having firsthand relationships with guides and lodge owners we make sure your trip is a trip we would want to be on. We would never take a group to a lodge during the wrong time of year no matter how great of a deal it was. We don’t like wasting our time, so why would we waste yours? Stillwater Travel goes to the right lodges at the right time. We book our weeks years in advance doing our best to control all the variables we can. We want everyone to have their best chance for success. 


Stillwater Travel is partnered with Stillwater Fly Shop so getting you the right gear is not a problem. Chances are you have bought gear from us for your other trips without even knowing that we offer travel options as well. Going on your first flats trip with us and don’t own an eight weight. When you book with Stillwater you earn credit to use at the shop to help offset that cost of new gear. Because Stillwater has been on all the trips we offer we have firsthand knowledge of what you need, what you don’t, and what to expect. Flies are one of the biggest worries for a traveling fly fisherman. We have all been on a trip with a guy who has box after box full of every kind of fly and the guide says, “you don’t have an X?”.  We know what flies your guide will ask you for so save yourself the embarrassment because we’ve been that guy without the X fly.

Stillwater Travel has put in the time, so you don’t have to. We’ve been there, made the mistakes and dealt with the hassles so you don’t have to. When you travel with us your trip will go smoothly, that way you can enjoy your time fly fishing. Our hosts communicate what you need to know and don’t overwhelm you with frivolous information. At Stillwater Travel, we take the time to ensure that you don’t waste your time!

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