The reel matters!

The reel matters!

We all love our fly reels for fresh or saltwater.  When we purchase a whole new rod, reel, and fly line setup, the fly reel is the new shiny object we get to look at and play with, delivering the excitement of any new purchase.  Whereas the fly rod and fly line are generally skipped over until the time comes that we can get out on the water and put them to use.  However, when it really comes down to it in freshwater, a majority of the time, the fly reel is the least important aspect of this setup.

Most freshwater anglers inevitably end up fighting their fish by hand, all the way in, and so the reel ends up being more of a line holder than a necessary high-functioning piece of equipment. This can be quite the contrary out on the flats.  With fish that can run you into your backing at a moment's notice, and have the power to not only break your tippet, but also the surge power to break super high test with a head shake.  Having a quality reel that can stand up to the weather and salt conditions, while still performing at a high level giving you the precision in your drag setting and the capability to adjust on the fly, is an absolute game changer.

Seigler Fly Fishing reels have solidified their reputation as industry leaders, with quality design and manufacturing, combining rugged structure with beautiful aesthetics, and their innovative lever drag system stands out as a testament to their commitment to advancing angling technology. This distinctive lever drag system really sets Seigler reels apart, providing anglers with an unparalleled level of control and precision on the water. 

Anglers can effortlessly adjust the drag settings with a simple movement of the lever, allowing for real-time modifications tailored to the specific needs of each fishing scenario. This unique feature ensures that anglers can smoothly transition between drag levels, adapting to the unpredictable nature of their catch.

In addition, the attention to detail on spool size and shape helps to eliminate line stacking, improve line pick-up speed, and still gives you all the space you will need for optimal backing when you get into serious battles out on the Flats. 

Here at Stillwater, we know what it takes to get the job done out on the Saltwater Flats.   We rely on the best equipment, to not fail when the stakes are high.  Our most popular choice for big game fish on the flats has got to be the Seigler reels.

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