Sage Maverick Fly Rod
Sage Maverick Fly Rod
Sage Maverick Fly Rod

Sage Maverick Fly Rod

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Fast-Action, Saltwater Fly Rod built with Konnetic Technology for quick-shots and hearty fights

The MAVERICK has been designed from the ground up with Konnetic Technology to be fine-tuned to the demanding needs of saltwater specific applications. It’s the perfect tool for any angler stepping into the saltwater arena where speed is of the utmost importance. Saltwater angling is more often a game of quick shots than long casts. Most importantly, quickly getting a fly to the target ensures success when dropping a fly in front of a cruising tarpon 20ft off the bow. Redfish meandering about Louisiana marshes, bonefish cruising marl-covered flats, and stripers slashing at bait all require a quick cast into “the zone” for high odds at a hookup. The quicker you can lay the fly down, the better the results.

Sage’s Maverick series is designed to take advantage of these quick-shot opportunities with a powerful tip section that drives the casting load down to more robust lower sections, making it easier to fire these quick efficient casts and helping the angler make the most of their finite opportunities. With a true saltwater specific backbone and design, the MAVERICK is ready for any salty challenge thrown its way.

Benefits of the Maverick Fly Rod:

• Quick-Shot Presentations
• Increased Pulling And Lifting Power
• Oversized Guide-Set To Help Reduce Tangles Of Larger Saltwater Knots

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