Simms Dry Creek Dry Bag - Sm, Md & Lg

Simms Dry Creek Dry Bag - Sm, Md & Lg

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Keep your gear dry for a better experience on the water. This roll-top, seam-sealed design keeps all your dry stuff dry. D-ring attaches to watercraft or wherever you need it.

  • SMALL:
    Capacity 10L
    Weight 3.52 oz.
    Capacity 20L
    Weight 4.27 oz.
  • LARGE:
    Capacity 35L
    Weight 6 oz.

After years of extensive research and field testing in the best of waterproof materials, Simms is excited to introduce the all new range of Dry Creek™ and Dry Creek™ Z products. Built from highly durable double-sided TPU coated fabrics, these packs and bags give the perfect balance of waterproofness, lightweight performance, and bombproof durability. In the construction of all Dry Creek™ and Dry Creek™ Z packs, Simms uses a radio-frequency welding process to molecularly bond the fabrics together at their surface, creating fully waterproof seams that hold up through the most rugged of conditions.

While Simms' Dry Creek™ lineup features watertight roll-top closures to withstand quick submersions, the collection of Dry Creek™ Z products features a fully submersible TIZIP® Master Seal Zipper for quick and easy access to your gear. If you are an angler who needs to transport precious cargo that can't get wet, take a look at the Dry Creek™ and Dry Creek™ Z packs

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